NYC Comic-Con

This past weekend the #conceitednobodi family decided to, dare we say step out of our comfort zone, and expand our palette at the colorful New York Comic Con. New York Comic Con is a comic book convention right here in New York held at the Javits Center. Here we gravitated to the inspiring up and coming talent that aspires to captivate your attention. Once you’ve engaged with the raw talent of writers, illustrators, artists, and cosplayers you’ll find yourself a part of the fandom that is the Comic-Con family.

We started with the main floor that housed local comic shops and artists. We met with our friendly neighborhood comic shop out of Forest Hills, Queens, Royal Collectibles. Royals hold some of the best statues, busts, and figurines that are simply marvelous to behold. The detail in these sculpts are well worth showing off and at Royal Collectibles you can do so at a fair price.

Next, on our mission, we came across a man dressed in a yellow get up who was cosplaying a character from Joe Ponder’s novel Piecekeepers. Just before giving us the details of his novel he advised us that this cosplayer was no ordinary fan but a real-life hero. A marine. We thanked him for his service and learned that this novel was about seven heroes who come from each of the continents. They come together to fight for the good of the Earth.

Author Joe Ponder was present to talk a little about the book including how it rhymes from beginning to end. From what the #conceitednobodi family has gathered we’d say it’s poetic
justice. Keeping you engaged and fascinated by not only the storyline but the word structure. Another great writer we had the pleasure of seeing again was Greg Anderson Elysse. He wrote the comic book IS’NANA. This comic is based on the African folktale of Anansi the spider. “I wanted to introduce people to Black Mythology that we’re not really educated on” said Greg A.E. when asked about what inspires him to write.

This particular story is receiving great reviews from the #conceitednobodi family and we highly recommend following Greg on his social media outlets and supporting his work @gregdae. Aside from the talented storytellers, we had the honor of meeting we also got to see some pretty amazing cosplays! Cosplayers are your favorite characters come to life. With all their blood, sweat, paint and exactotools these people bring their A-game to each convention they attend and rest assured NYC Comic-Con is the grandest of them all. From Spawn to Moana there’s something for everyone.

When posing for photos these cosplayers really get a sense of appreciation everyone has for their hard work. Essentially the longer a cosplayer is held up in one spot for photos the better their work is. If you’ve been standing in the same spot for over 10 minutes or more, congratulations, you’re awesome. Keep in mind if you ever attend these conventions that cosplay is NOT Consent and although this is strongly enforced one doesn’t have to worry. In this grand venue of artists, cosplayers, celebrities, comics worth $20,000.00 and more there is always a sense of unity in the air. Everyone is finally on the same page. Whether your religious or political beliefs align with the fan near you it won’t stop you from enjoying one an- others talent and company. From the #conceitednobodi family, we do hope you get to experience it.



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